DigViz Terms of Use

All DigViz Jpegs, including the ones on Flickr can be used only by the person(s) depicted in the shot, and only for the purpose of self promotion. That person(s) can copy and resize the Jpegs. That person(s) cannot change the content of the shot except by cropping or rotation. That person(s) cannot enter the shot into a competiton of any type. That person(s) cannot pass the shot off as their own work or remove the copyright notice, but that person(s) may state on the shot that they are the cosplayer depicted. That person(s) cannot sell the image or rights to the image to anyone. Unless stated otherwise the relevant DigViz photographer retains full and sole copyright (all other rights reserved) on all pictures taken in person or displayed within this web site. If you need the shots for reasons beyond those rights granted try asking, we are reasonable people and may send you a copy better suited to your needs.


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