Cosplay Competition 8

Digital Vizualisations and Manga Entertainment UK have got together again (with Viz, SFX Magazine and  Kaze) to offer a Cosplay Competition with a difference: Ever wanted to enter a Cosplay competition, but didn't like the idea of walking up and down the catwalk and answering questions from a hyper stranger waving a microphone (actually Emma & Stuart aren't that bad)? Yes? Then we have the competition for you!

On 25th- 27th May 2012 at the MCM Expo Show DigViz and Manga Entertainment UK will allow Cosplayers and Japanese fashion devotees to have their picture professionally taken and entered into a free competition.


What do I have to do to enter? Download, print out and fill in this PDF Consent Form. Or you can fill a form out on the day (we have plenty at the show as well.). If you are under 18 years of age you will need a parent guardian to sign. Bring it along on the day of your choice (no need to book) and hand it to the DigiViz photographer when you are ready to have you photograph taken. No questions, interviews, parading up and down, just your best side photographed.

Will there be prizes for individual entry and group entries? Yes, we are doing best Group, Best Male, Best Female with some runner-up prizes. 'Japanese Fashion' cosplayers are equally eligible in each class..

Can I enter as part of a group and as an individual? You as a person can enter as many times as you like only if you change to a different costume on each occasion. This also requires a form to filled out on each occassion. Anyone found entering the same costume multiple times will be disqualified and their friends with them (if in a group).

What time will the photographs be taken? The shoot is open from 10am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. No booking required, just turn up by Manga Entertainment UK stand, fill in a form and step in front of the camera when ready.

How many shots will be taken of me? 2 shots will be taken. The best shot (pose) will be entered into a shortlist for the competition.

What is the competition judged on? It's open to any genre of Cosplay Japanese Fashion: The complete package of great pose and costume authenticity- so get practicing in front of that mirror ^_-

How will I know if I've won? The winning entries will selected after the show is over and the winners will be notified by email, so please write legibly. The winning shots will also be printed in Neo Magazine, so everyone will know who won- judges decision is final so no complaining.

What are the prizes? I believe we have some special goodies from all the sponsors so expect games, manga, DVD box sets, posters and perhaps some cool clothing to some of the winners. Not bad for just standing there and looking good ^_^ But this is subject to change without notice so I apologise for being vague.

Any Advice for winning? Yes, you are not a model, so don't pose like one. Pose as your character does in the film/ anime/ manga/ game. OK I accept that maybe the Lolitas are an exception to this, but do try to be in character.

Where can I find pictures of myself? Try here  ^__^

Can I order prints? We are now pritning on the day (15 per print). And after the Expo you can Email us the picture reference number and we'll tell you how to obtain high quality prints delivered to your door (without the sponsors logo). The one you see on Flickr is low-rez with logo in place. You are free to download and use the Flickr version as long as you don't try to sell it or pass it off as your own work.

Who won the Competition last time? Short List is here


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